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Track 2 Beneficial use of fine sediment

The track ‘beneficial use of fine sediment’ looks into the possibilities of structurally dredging fine sediment from the Eems-Dollard system and using it in a beneficial way. The research question covers the entire sediment chain (extraction, processing, transport and application). By removing fine sediment it contributes to both restoring the estuary and developing a circular economy. The major challenge is to make this economically viable. This is being tested within the pilots:

  • ‘ophogen landbouwgrond’ (raising low agricultural land with abstracted sediment)
  • ‘persen blokken’ (compressing fine sediments to building elements)
  • ‘Waddenslib voor zandgrondverbetering’ (fine sediment for soil improvement)
  • ‘Kleirijperij’ (dewatering an desalinisation of fine sediments for dike reinforcement).