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How we do it

In recent years we have developed knowledge about the functioning of the estuary and worked on various innovative pilots and projects along the coast of the Eems-Dollard within three tracks.

  1. Vital Coast 

    This track restores and develops nature reserves and natural areas. Beside the degradation of nature, the region is also faced with rising sea levels and land subsidence. This calls for dike reinforcements projects. Taking ecological measures in these projects can improve the ecological function and give the Eems-Dollard an ecological boost.

  2. Beneficial Use of Fine Sendiment 

    This track looks into the possibilities of structurally dredging fine sediment from the Eems-Dollard system and using it in a beneficial way.

  3. Hydromorphological Improvements 

    This track is based on a systematic scientific approach. It researches which measures and strategies are effective and feasible to fundamentally improve these processes in the estuary.

Cooperation with Germany

Cross-border cooperation is a prerequisite for achieving a healthy estuary. This cooperation is taking shape (among other things) in the elaboration of an ecological sediment management strategy and the exchange of knowledge.In the next period, we will focus on making plans for the ecological sediment management. This consists of exploring the possibility of joint pilot projects and a joint approach for the sediment management.