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Track 1 Vital Coast

The track Vital Coast restores and develops nature reserves and natural areas. Ecological measures are taken within projects such as the realisation of transition zones (from land to water or from saltwater to freshwater), breeding islands for terns and avocets, save elevated areas for birds during high-water and areas to capture fine sediment.

Beside the degradation of nature, the region is also faced with rising sea levels and land subsidence. This calls for dike reinforcements projects. Taking ecological measures in these projects can improve the ecological function and experience gives the Eems-Dollard an important ecological boost. Examples include:

  • ‘Rijke Dijk’
  • ‘Dubbele Dijk’
  • ‘Brede Groene Dijk’.

It may even be possible to carry out dike reinforcements along the Dutch coast at lower cost. If the goals are achieved and the pilots prove successful, the combination of nature development and water safety could be promising in more areas in the Netherlands and abroad.